Youth Motivational Maps

We know when our children are the best versions of themselves. We know when they are feeling happy in their own skin and energised by the challenges around them. But we know when they’re not too. There is nothing, nothing at all that matters more to us than our children’s happiness, but often we feel helpless to help them when the ‘itch’ that troubles them is more inside than out.

It’s about motivation – intrinsic motivation. We can offer rewards, and even sanctions when we need to, but the most effective way of helping our children to fulfill their potential and find satisfaction is by appealing to their natural motivators, to help them find their ‘element’.

“I was drawn to motivational mapping as I was going through a major change in my personal life. I wanted to find some direction on key decisions by understanding in detail what motivates me, how this was being met and where the gaps were. Mark was very informative in explaining the mapping and I was really impressed at my increased awareness of myself that I decided to carry out the youth mapping for my two children aged 12 and 13. This really helped provide an understanding of each child and the dynamics between all of us. We still refer to the mapping today and it has helped us make personal strategic decisions individually and as a family unit. We seem to understand each other more and how to best relate to each other to get the best from each other. Working with Mark has been a pleasure and I feel his passion and experience shines through. If you are considering mapping for yourself or the family I highly recommend working with Mark.” KM Bath

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This 15 page report will reveal your unique motivators and diagnose your current level of motivation. The purpose of this process is to give individuals an insight into their motivations and by extension, the tools to achieve high performance.

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